Welcome to A Dog's Hideaway Customer Portal.


- Please review your customer and pet profiles for accuracy. Ensure we are aware of any allergies for your pup(s).

- Complete the "Veterinary Liability & Care" questionnaire in the on-line Agreement

- We are still working on automating multi-dog discounts. If we miss applying it that day, let us know before paying your bill.

- Boarding bookings for < 4 days will have a daycare charge added on if your pup is not picked up by noon.


- It is with our deepest regrets that we will no longer be offering grooming. Audrey is probably the best groomer we'll ever work with. Unfortunately our grooming setup here is difficult and we've been trying for 2 years to make it work, but have decided it is not a good fit given our environment and setup. 

- "Cute Cuts Dog Grooming" has new owners that are anxious to please clients and are wonderful people.